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This is How a Business Should Operate


This is How a Business Should Operate

“I am a former Hair Club for Men (HCM Ltd) client. Most of the time the service and product was pretty much acceptable, but not outstanding. On several occasions the products would arrive late and the quality was far from consistent. On top of that, it was hard to get the same stylist which was the main reason for me wanting to leave.
As I came across different stylists, they would mention to me that stylists were quitting because of the frustration of management and their corporate offices. From that moment, I realized things weren’t looking as good for me as a client. You never knew from one appointment to the next who your stylist would be, they were flying stylists in from Oklahoma City, Dallas, Amarillo and Albuquerque for two week “tours”.

I decided to move to San Diego, I figured since I’m trying a new city, I should try a new company other than Hair Club. The situation at HCM Ltd. was so chaotic that I started searching for a new company when I arrived. I found different sorts of advertisements, (commercials, San Diego Reader, radio) I found Ultimate Hair Dynamics (UHD). When I went in for a consultation with UHD, I was so impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff that I decided to become a client with them. I have been a client with UHD now for 15 solid and happy months. When I sit back and compare both companies, I say to myself, wow, this is how a business should operate. To date, I can’t find one complaint. Their high quality of work never fails to impress me. I often speak to other clients when I walk in; everyone feels the same and no one has one single complaint to voice. The stylists are outstanding and the overall atmosphere is very pleasing and enjoyable. I would always recommend UHD to suffering from hair loss.”

John S.