Here are testimonials from actual clients of Ultimate Hair Dynamics that experienced hair loss, and gained their confidence back with hair restoration treatments from us!

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you as a company do. What a blessing it is to have a company that has a remarkable product to make people look and feel better about themselves. As a whole, I am so pleased to know all that the effort, work and love you put into making your clients look and feel great about their appearance is truly genuine. The work is amazing, but the results are far superior. Thank you, thank you!”
Brad T.

“I will start by saying I was so hesitant and skeptical when I saw the UDH commercial. When I came in, I have to say your facility impressed me. It is very classy and upscale from the moment you walk in. Even though I felt scared and nervous, I was more at ease with how sweet and sincere the entire UHD staff was that I came across that first day of my consultation. The consultant has this special way in making you feel very warm and comfortable. He did answer all of my questions, explained everything in detail, not once did he make me feel rushed in making this wonderful decision. Most importantly, he was very honest and didn’t try to push me into a transplant procedure, but yet the prior three companies I went to have pushed the surgical procedure onto me. I trusted him, and I’m so thankful I found this company. Ever since that first day, my only regret is waiting all of these years because of my fear. Thank you for helping me, I feel much more confident, secure and better about my appearance. What an amazing product you have, I feel so happy to be a part of this.”
Thank you,
John R.

“I hold a position that requires me to be in the face of the public. Coming from other companies that I do not care to mention, I felt taking advantage of with the poor quality of work they did. Because of that, it drove me to find another company. That change brought me to UHD, what a difference, from the superb customer service, to the professional staff and the excellent product. It has been almost 3 years since I made the change, I can’t mention one bad thing about your company. I feel so great in switching over here, I feel much better with the way I look. I know I always say this when I come in, but I can’t say it enough times for all that you’ve done for me: “Thank You”!!!! I wish you much success with your continued growth.”
Chris W.

I never realized how important hair was until I started losing it. I was always confident and secure about myself. I was one of the men that would say, if you start to lose your hair, then just shave it! I really meant that, it would bother me when men would seek hair loss options. Let me tell you, once I started losing my hair was I sooo wrong. I felt helpless; I didn’t want to shave my head. I wanted hair, I felt embarrassed and insecure without it. It’s amazing to me how such a small portion of your body, in this case losing hair on just a tiny part of your body can create such a difference in one’s appearance. I was so wrong to judge other people who were seeking help. Luckily I found and came to UHD first, before going to other companies like all the nightmare stories I’ve read and heard. UHD as a whole is so impressive to me, but above all, such a life saver. You have changed my life in ways that I thought wasn’t possible anymore. I look and feel just like if I never lost hair in the first place. I thank you for all the attention and great product UHD offers.
Robert A.

“This is to a company that I care dearly for and have a special place in my heart for. The reason for that is how you treat me and how I see firsthand on how you treat other clients. UHD in my opinion is a first class operation. I know UHD is growing and will continue to grow, all of that will happen simply because of how you run and do business. I would highly recommend this company to “EVERYONE” looking to do something about their hair loss problem. I think it’s great how you make all of us men and women look and feel our best. I see how genuine and sincere UHD’s staff truly cares for all of their clients and potential members. It’s refreshing to know that out of all of my years of doing business, that there still is a company that cares and not looking just make another sale. I bow down and thank you all for what you do.”
Thank you,
Charles W.

“To a company that has amazing products, amazing service and an amazing staff that really cares. Thank you for helping me, and thank you for making me look and feel great again. I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with you guys at UHD and having this unbelievable Hair Duplication Process done I am so impressed with the outstanding job that was done on me. If anyone reads this, give it a try, you won’t regret it. You will look and feel so much better than not having hair. Every person looks better with hair, then without it.”
Jimmy K.

“This is to inform UHD of my gratitude for all they do to help the many people in need with the suffering of hair loss. I appreciate the close attention that you have given me, the quality of work far exceeds my expectations that I have ever envisioned. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, supportive and professional. It is my pleasure to do business with such a company that cares deeply about their clients.”
Thank you,
Harvey M.

“I am so pleased and happy to let you know how happy I am with the overall procedure. I not only feel great, but my confidence is something that I owe to you and your entire staff. I always feel like close friends and even family with UHD. You guys always go the extra mile in ensuring our satisfaction, which alone is something that most businesses have forgotten about. The work that you perform to make people look and feel great about ourselves is wonderful. I have been a client with UHD for approximately 9 months; my only regret is not doing this 6 years ago when I first went through that embarrassing hair loss. Thank you for everything!”
Brad C.

“Thank you for helping me. I am more than satisfied with how you made me a believer. I didn’t think anything was really possible, but what a difference with your Hair Duplication Process. I feel great again and I feel confident in going out without the fear of women looking at my bald head or judging me as a person just because I have hair loss. Thank you and to all the UHD staff for all of your help.”
Michael P.

“I would like to voice my opinion of satisfaction, after 3 ½ years of service at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. You have a staff of operators and office personnel that are always showing concern and interest, which always makes me feel at ease and pleased. In addition to all the above, my appearance with the hair duplication process is the final testimony of true satisfaction. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.”
Thanks Again,

“Hair loss has been something that has bothered me in every way possible. My image, appearance, self-esteem, confidence and I feel it changed who I was as a person. Being in sales, it is very important to look great. UHD has made that possible, ever since I found this incredible company, I feel so grateful that we crossed paths. UHD has made me look and feel incredible about myself which words cannot explain my true emotions. It’s very important when you make your living dealing with the public, that’s why it’s extremely important to look great at all times. I want people to know that are suffering from hair loss, don’t ever let hair loss dictate how you look and feel. The option is out there, UHD made it possible for me, it can for you too.”
Jim P.

“I am a former Hair Club for Men (HCM Ltd) client. Most of the time the service and product was pretty much acceptable, but not outstanding. On several occasions the products would arrive late and the quality was far from consistent. On top of that, it was hard to get the same stylist which was the main reason for me wanting to leave.
As I came across different stylists, they would mention to me that stylists were quitting because of the frustration of management and their corporate offices. From that moment, I realized things weren’t looking as good for me as a client. You never knew from one appointment to the next who your stylist would be, they were flying stylists in from Oklahoma City, Dallas, Amarillo and Albuquerque for two week “tours”. I decided to move to San Diego, I figured since I’m trying a new city, I should try a new company other than Hair Club. The situation at HCM Ltd. was so chaotic that I started searching for a new company when I arrived. I found different sorts of advertisements, (commercials, San Diego Reader, radio) I found Ultimate Hair Dynamics (UHD). When I went in for a consultation with UHD, I was so impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff that I decided to become a client with them. I have been a client with UHD now for 15 solid and happy months. When I sit back and compare both companies, I say to myself, wow, this is how a business should operate. To date, I can’t find one complaint. Their high quality of work never fails to impress me. I often speak to other clients when I walk in; everyone feels the same and no one has one single complaint to voice. The stylists are outstanding and the overall atmosphere is very pleasing and enjoyable. I would always recommend UHD to suffering from hair loss.”
Thank you for everything,
John S.

“I just wanted to say that Ultimate Hair has far exceeded my expectations! I am a former surgical client of Bosley and with the scar that was left on the back of my head, the non-satisfaction of the results, and the “salesman”, I thank God everyday that I found Ultimate Hair! Ultimate Hair not only helped revise my ugly scar that Bosley left, but also helped me become a non-surgical client. My whole life has changed and I look my age now! The staff was not pushy or trying to “Sell” me, he actually made me feel comfortable and almost as if we were friends for a long time. I love the way I look and encourage anyone with hair loss to see what I have experienced!”
Thanks so much,
Chris L.

“I am writing this to let everyone know how much UHD changed my life. I would always wear a hat, never wanted to go out because the embarrassment. I would keep to myself and kept myself closed from others. What can I say, hair loss had that much control over me, but when I was living with hair loss, I never realized that it hair loss kept me from living. Regardless of where I was, I was ashamed if someone saw my bald head, that’s why I wouldn’t be seen. I finally found UHD after seeing them on TV, I came in and they helped me along the way to get my full head of hair. I can’t believe how great I look, I feel so confident now, which is a feeling that I had forgotten about. Confidence is important to living and feeling good about you. I actually go out now, go to bars and I really enjoy dressing up. I owe UHD special thanks and so much love for all they’ve done and for all the care they show to their clients, including me. Most importantly, thank you for restoring my life!”
Best wishes,
Tom B.

“Ever since finding UHD and having the hair duplication process done, it’s given me a renewed confidence. When I first experienced hair loss, it was completely horrible. I spent a lot of money on scalp reductions and transplants. Only to realize that it was all wasted money and most importantly, wasted because it didn’t give me anywhere near the results that I was hoping for. I saw an Ultimate Hair Dynamics commercial on TV one night, figured might as well see what the “hair duplication” process was all about. Tell you what; I am beyond happy I made that one call. That call was the beginning to my new happy life. I’m extremely pleased with the entire staff, and the way they treat me as a client. I actually don’t feel like just a “client”, I feel like family. Looking back, it’s been 12 years that I’ve become a client, and I can’t say one negative thing about UHD. If anything, I can say hundreds of positive comments of what I’ve seen throughout the years of how they’ve treated me and other clients. UHD is the one company I can say has gone above and beyond to satisfy every client. Their main focus is customer satisfaction and making everyone look amazing. I now feel amazing because of them. Thanks so much for all that you do to make people feel better about their appearance.”
Carlos S.

“I should start by saying thank you. I’ve been a member now for the past 13 months. But, I’ve been a client for approximately 8 years. I have been to Bosely and spent thousands of dollars there, all to be disappointed with the end results. Then I started out with the non-surgical solution back in the East Coast. Unfortunately that company went out of business shortly after becoming a client. I had to find another company, figured I’d try Hair Club. Although expensive, I didn’t mind paying for my look. What I learned from my experience was they didn’t fulfill any of my expectations. So with not fulfilling my expectations and paying a lot of money, I got fed up with all their games. I had to relocate for my job back in 2007, I was hoping that the change in centers for Hair Club would make a difference, NOPE, it didn’t. Apparently they all run the same, which is horrible. Hair Club cares more about collecting your money, and doesn’t care for you and for how you feel. I decided to switch over from Hair Club to UHD 13 months ago after seeing one of their commercials, what a major difference between companies. Here, right from the bat I noticed how people are treated. They really do care, and most importantly, they really do listen and pay attention. They don’t play games; they do care about how you look. I think what I love best about this amazing company, they do go the extra mile to satisfy “EVERY SINGLE CLIENT”. I would highly recommend Ultimate Hair Dynamics to every single person, man or woman who suffers or is going through hair loss. You will NOT regret it. To everyone at UHD, a special warm thank you for everything you do for me. I know I can speak for all your clients, we sincerely wish you the best on your continued growth. Finally there’s a company that actually cares about people and actually cares about changing their lives, because at the end of it all, that is what you do, you help change lives.”
Phillip S.

“Making the decision to come to UHD has allowed me to take full advantage of all life’s activities, not just the ones where you have to wear a hat to. It has also been nice to see an organization that truly cares and that knows the value of guest service, most importantly, showing all of that on a continual basis. I just wanted to take this time to show my appreciation and to say thank you for all you have done for me.”
Eric T.

“Ever since I did the Hair Duplication Process, it has given me this renewed confidence. When I first experienced hair loss it was horrible and painful. But when I came across UHD, this company has far exceeded all my expectations. I feel so happy and I love how I look. Now that I feel great about my appearance, I don’t feel lazy anymore. I want to be out and meeting people. I didn’t realize I didn’t have many friends because I would always stay home, but now, I’m finding myself always being out with friends. Having all this energy, I also lost plenty of weight because I want to look good. Thank you for everything, I feel and look much younger.”
Frank S.

“I never realized how much hair can change ones appearance until I personally went through it. It definitely is much worse when you yourself goes through hair loss, I felt ashamed and embarrassed about what people were looking at when I came in contact with someone. UHD has given me this new and powerful confidence back, stronger than before. I love my new look, I feel great!!! My confidence has gotten so much stronger that after several months of getting the procedure done, I got the courage to look for a new job. I know I wouldn’t have done that while being bald. I took the chance, and it paid off. I more than doubled my previous salary which I never thought I could have received. I feel blessed to have found UHD, it has given me a new me and a new life.”
Chris E.

“Hello, this is coming from someone that has been a client for over 17 years. I have tried it all, been to many companies across the U.S. I am not someone that boasts or exaggerates; I tell it how it is! From my experience, I have never come across a company that really knows what they are doing. I have been to the Bosely’s and the H-Club (what a joke) the only reason why people go there is because you see them all over the television. In my eyes, UHD is professional, real, and genuine with hard working people. The staff cares about you and they love what they do. That is very important and I feel fortunate that I found Ultimate Hair Dynamics. After all these years, I consider them family and I feel they consider me in the same light. I wish you luck on your continued success and I look forward in seeing this company continue to grow throughout the U.S.”
William T.

“I will admit, I was a previous client over at Hair Club Ltd. I did like how I looked; yes it is true that there are problems over there. But, I did like how I felt with hair. One day I came across an ad for Ultimate Hair Dynamics, it was captivating. I’m not really sure what made me call, but I did. They impressed me right from the initial phone conversation; they even offered me a complimentary service to see how they operate. I of course followed through. I have to say, I loved how they treated me and how everything operates there. I have to add, one of the biggest factors that made me make the change to UHD was they did everything possible to earn my business. No games were played, it was good old fashion this is what we can offer you type of deal. I made my decision that day because it was too easy and nothing to think about. Plus not to mention, they saved me about $70 per month compared to Hair Club Ltd. I’m not a wealthy man, but money is money. Thank you to all the staff, you all are wonderful and caring.”
Bob V.

“I wanted to share my gratitude to everyone at UHD for all you do for me. I suffered from my hair loss for many years, I always seemed to get disappointed with everything I tried in the previous years. I decided to give you (UHD) a shot when I came across one of the commercials. Everything looked so good on TV, but even though I was hesitant, I called anyways. I felt very welcomed and everything was explained thoroughly for me to understand. I wished I had found you guys years before, I am so happy now. All the pain that I suffered because of hair loss went away with your amazing Hair Duplication Process. It looks so natural and I feel better than before. Thank you.”
Mitchell C.

“I am a proud client, I had went to Bosely , Hair Club and two other companies for a consultation. They all gave me quotes for transplants. Two were similar but much higher than I had thought, but two other quotes were outrageous. I did find Ultimate Hair Dynamics on the website, checked out all the testimonials and some reviews that other people had left. I decided to give Ultimate a chance as well. Professionalism was far better than the other companies; their knowledge was great and answered all my questions. I think the biggest difference was that Ultimate didn’t try to sell me. I felt like I was a piece of meat at the other companies. The other thing that swayed me in Ultimate’s direction was they gave me options to choose from the number of grafts that I would like. They explained in detail what each number of grafts could possibly give me with results. I didn’t receive that type of attention that I received with Ultimate Hair Dynamics. I felt that was critical because we’re not dealing with just a few dollars here. To my surprise, Ultimate was much more cost efficient than the other two companies. Any customer would like a substantial savings. Everything turned out exactly like they told me, that was a big relief, and the surgery turned out great. It has now been 10 months and I look great with the fullness I now have. Thank you for all your honesty and dedication in being a genuine company!”

“UHD has the most talented staff and stylist that I have ever experienced. My hair always looks great and my appointments are always a pleasure. Thanks for the great Hair and experience. Randy Auve’ and staff have been a blessing to me.”
Mark B.

“I have had hair replacement now for 10 yrs and recommend to anyone considering any of the options out there to visit Ultimate Hair. They have the best non-surgical options out there. I have had the misfortune of experiencing service with many well known companies and none compare to the outstanding services that UHD offers. Their stylists are awesome!!! Very knowledgeable and skilled with precision cutting abilities. My wife agrees that I have never looked better since making the change to Ultimate Hair.”
Bob Waverly

“I highly recommend this company to anyone who has hair loss. They are not only friendly and hospitable but they are the most experienced company I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The stylists are competent individuals who CARE!!!!!”
David Abell

“I have been to all the rest in this town and nobody has delivered on quality and service like UHD has. I wish I could have been led to them early on so I didn’t have to try all the rest. I am a client for Life!”
Billy P.

“Check this company out NOW!!!! Don’t wait!! You will be blown away by their prices and quality hair and services. I overheard a client at HCM say he was checking out this company because of so many disappointments at Hair Club so I decided to research and find out about this company and I’m glad I did. I am saving a lot of $$$$ and my Hair has never looked better!”
I owe you (unhappy guy at HCM – Hair Club for Men)
Ron R.

“Where can I start with all the gratitude and blessing I owe you and the entire staff at UHD? As a women, as you can imagine is completely devastating to go through hair loss. I thought something was wrong with me, that this doesn’t happen to women, only men. Aside from your staff being so well informed and educated with hair loss, they helped me realize that this “IS” common for women to go through. Sad reality to face, but as one of the consultants helped me realize, the option is available to help get my looks back without surgery. They are so concerned with making you feel so comfortable and actually caring about you. Never did I feel pressured or rushed, I felt at ease from the beginning to the end. Women at times feel so embarrassed and we feel like we lose our glory as a woman when one loses their hair. Let me tell, I not only have my glory back, but I feel I have my entire life back in my control. Not the other way around like it used to control me. I now feel great, secure, confident and most importantly, I feel ALIVE!!! Thank you to all the staff for your continued support and continued success of making all of us feelings and looking wonderful. UHD is truly a blessing, and now I understand why this company continues to grow. I wish you all the continued growth and success.”
Vivian W.

“Wow, for starters, I am a woman in her early thirties that has been a non-surgical client for 4 years now. The original company I started with went out of business, so I’ve been bouncing through several places because I travel so much, especially to San Diego and Las Vegas. So needless to say, I’m looking forward to your new locations that will be opening up soon throughout the U.S. I have tried Hair Club, but with their SUPER High prices and very poor service that I received I couldn’t continue going there anymore. At Ultimate Hair Dynamics, they make you feel like they actually care about you, plus extremely affordable prices would bring a smile to anyone’s face. I was shocked with how low their prices are, especially when you compare the high quality product that you get. Now I realize why these other companies lose their clients month after month and have such high turn-over with their stylists. Thank you so much to the entire staff at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. A million times, thank you! You make me not only look beautiful, but you let me know there is a company that does care, is not greedy and truly does care about us!”
Kylie S.

“I am a ex club member who has thinning hair over my whole head. I was a client with this nationally known company for 5 years who led me to believe they were the only company in existence that provided the options that they offered. I was never completely satisfied with the way my new hair looked and always felt like a number versus a client until a friend of mine told me about Ultimate Hair Dynamics where her sister and mother have been going for years. I have met her family on several occasions and would have never guessed that they too had hair loss issues like me. I decided to go in for a free consultation and was impressed with the way I was treated right from the time arrived from the front desk and all the way through to the consultation. They had so many more options that I could choose from where the company that I was so loyal for so many years never gave me options and choices. I have been with UHD now for 11 months and have been so happy with my results. I wish I would have found them years ago. My family and friends tell me I never looked so good since making the move to Ultimate Hair Dynamics My advice to any women considering hair restoration is go in and meet with Ultimate Hair and explore all the options available to you. To everyone else I would tell you that UHD has changed my life in so many ways and even though they are not a big national company, they will treat you with exceptional service and quality results. Thank you Ultimate Hair Dynamics for giving me back my crown and glory. Your staff has exceeded my expectations.”
Thanks UHD!
Susan T.

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