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Take complete control of your hair

Cutting edge, up-to-the-minute solutions for hair loss.

We understand how much hair loss can affect your confidence and self esteem. Established in 1991, Ultimate Hair Dynamics is the most trusted hair replacement and restoration clinic in San Diego.

When it comes to the best men’s and women’s San Diego hair transplants and hair loss treatment solutions, you deserve Ultimate Hair Dynamics.

Before and after pictures of an actual client of UHD

We provide a personalized and informed process to find the best proven solution for your situation, and design every treatment to achieve your goals.

Find the look meant for you, the one you love!

It can be done, and we’ll show you how.

  • Results you can realistically expect – while you maintain your work/life balance.
  • Full range of hair restoration solutions – find the one tailor made for you.
  • Reclaim the look you desire at reasonable, ethical prices.
  • Close attention, quality of work, and a knowledgeable and supportive staff.
  • Feel like yourself again.

Before and after pictures of an actual client of UHD

Honesty, integrity, social conscience and old fashioned hard work.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics is San Diego’s hair restoration experts. We have been providing trusted hair restoration treatments to our clients for almost 30 years, and just celebrated our 28th anniversary in September 2018!

We accept only the safest, most innovative products so we can deliver true value and reliability to our valued clients. As an independent organization that approaches hair loss treatment unlike any other business, we offer the very best hair replacement solutions designed to solve your problem.

Reasonable and transparent fees.

We think it’s best to be honest with how much your chosen hair treatment will cost you.

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to business, which is why we’ll tell you exactly what you can expect to pay during treatment and beyond, allowing you to make informed decisions.

The power to change your mind

During the course of your program, if you change your mind, we allow you the flexibility to switch with minimal fuss or cost.

Contact us any time for a free, private, confidential, no obligation hair loss consultation! Call for a free private consultation (619) 298-1111

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Superior Results

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you as a company do. What a blessing it is to have a company that has a remarkable product to make people look and feel better about themselves. As a whole, Read More

Brad T.

I Wish I Hadn’t Waited!

"I will start by saying I was so hesitant and skeptical when I saw the UDH commercial. When I came in, I have to say your facility impressed me. It is very classy and upscale from the moment you walk Read More

John R.

Professional Staff and an Excellent Product

"I hold a position that requires me to be in the face of the public. Coming from other companies that I do not care to mention, I felt taking advantage of with the poor quality of work they did. Because Read More

Chris W.

UHD is a Life Saver!

I never realized how important hair was until I started losing it. I was always confident and secure about myself. I was one of the men that would say, if you start to lose your hair, then just shave it! Read More

Robert A.

A First-Class Operation

"This is to a company that I care dearly for and have a special place in my heart for. The reason for that is how you treat me and how I see firsthand on how you treat other clients. UHD Read More

Charles W.

An Unbelievable Process

"To a company that has amazing products, amazing service and an amazing staff that really cares. Thank you for helping me, and thank you for making me look and feel great again. I was skeptical at first, but after meeting Read More

Jimmy K.

Close Attention and Quality of Work

"This is to inform UHD of my gratitude for all they do to help the many people in need with the suffering of hair loss. I appreciate the close attention that you have given me, the quality of work far Read More

Harvey M.

I Owe you my Confidence

"I am so pleased and happy to let you know how happy I am with the overall procedure. I not only feel great, but my confidence is something that I owe to you and your entire staff. I always feel Read More

Brad C.

You Made me a Believer

"Thank you for helping me. I am more than satisfied with how you made me a believer. I didn’t think anything was really possible, but what a difference with your Hair Duplication Process. I feel great again and I feel Read More

Michael P.

True Satisfaction

"I would like to voice my opinion of satisfaction, after 3 ½ years of service at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. You have a staff of operators and office personnel that are always showing concern and interest, which always makes me feel Read More


UHD Made me Look Incredible

"Hair loss has been something that has bothered me in every way possible. My image, appearance, self-esteem, confidence and I feel it changed who I was as a person. Being in sales, it is very important to look great. UHD Read More

Jim P.

This is How a Business Should Operate

"I am a former Hair Club for Men (HCM Ltd) client. Most of the time the service and product was pretty much acceptable, but not outstanding. On several occasions the products would arrive late and the quality was far from Read More

John S.

UHD Far Exceeded my Expectations

"I just wanted to say that Ultimate Hair has far exceeded my expectations! I am a former surgical client of Bosley and with the scar that was left on the back of my head, the non-satisfaction of the results, and Read More

Chris L.

Thank you for Restoring my Life!

"I am writing this to let everyone know how much UHD changed my life. I would always wear a hat, never wanted to go out because the embarrassment. I would keep to myself and kept myself closed from others. What Read More

Tom B.

I Have a Renewed Confidence

"Ever since finding UHD and having the hair duplication process done, it’s given me a renewed confidence. When I first experienced hair loss, it was completely horrible. I spent a lot of money on scalp reductions and transplants. Only to Read More

Carlos S.

From a True Devoted and Loyal Client

"I should start by saying thank you. I’ve been a member now for the past 13 months. But, I’ve been a client for approximately 8 years. I have been to Bosely and spent thousands of dollars there, all to be Read More

Phillip S.

Now I Can Take Full Advantage of Life

"Making the decision to come to UHD has allowed me to take full advantage of all life’s activities, not just the ones where you have to wear a hat to. It has also been nice to see an organization that Read More

Eric T.

I Feel and Look Much Younger

"Ever since I did the Hair Duplication Process, it has given me this renewed confidence. When I first experienced hair loss it was horrible and painful. But when I came across UHD, this company has far exceeded all my expectations. Read More

Frank S.

UHD Gave Me a New Me and a New Life

"I never realized how much hair can change ones appearance until I personally went through it. It definitely is much worse when you yourself goes through hair loss, I felt ashamed and embarrassed about what people were looking at when Read More

Chris E.

Professional, Real and Genuine

"Hello, this is coming from someone that has been a client for over 17 years. I have tried it all, been to many companies across the U.S. I am not someone that boasts or exaggerates; I tell it how it Read More

William T.

Wonderful and Caring Staff

"I will admit, I was a previous client over at Hair Club Ltd. I did like how I looked; yes it is true that there are problems over there. But, I did like how I felt with hair. One day Read More

Bob V.

I Wish I Had Found UHD Years Ago

"I wanted to share my gratitude to everyone at UHD for all you do for me. I suffered from my hair loss for many years, I always seemed to get disappointed with everything I tried in the previous years. I Read More

Mitchell C.

Thank You For Your Honesty and Dedication

"I am a proud client, I had went to Bosely , Hair Club and two other companies for a consultation. They all gave me quotes for transplants. Two were similar but much higher than I had thought, but two other Read More


Most Talented Staff and Stylists

"UHD has the most talented staff and stylist that I have ever experienced. My hair always looks great and my appointments are always a pleasure. Thanks for the great Hair and experience. Randy Auve’ and staff have been a blessing Read More

Mark B.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff

"I have had hair replacement now for 10 yrs and recommend to anyone considering any of the options out there to visit Ultimate Hair. They have the best non-surgical options out there. I have had the misfortune of experiencing service Read More

Bob Waverly

Friendly, Hospitable, and Experienced

"I highly recommend this company to anyone who has hair loss. They are not only friendly and hospitable but they are the most experienced company I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The stylists are competent individuals who CARE!!!!!"

David Abell

No One Has Delivered on Quality and Service Like UHD

"I have been to all the rest in this town and nobody has delivered on quality and service like UHD has. I wish I could have been led to them early on so I didn’t have to try all the Read More

Billy P.

My Hair Has Never Looked Better, and I’m Saving Money!

"Check this company out NOW!!!! Don’t wait!! You will be blown away by their prices and quality hair and services. I overheard a client at HCM say he was checking out this company because of so many disappointments at Hair Read More

Ron R.

I Finally Have My Life Back in Control

“Where can I start with all the gratitude and blessing I owe you and the entire staff at UHD? As a women, as you can imagine is completely devastating to go through hair loss. I thought something was wrong with Read More

Vivian W.

Extremely Affordable Prices

“Wow, for starters, I am a woman in her early thirties that has been a non-surgical client for 4 years now. The original company I started with went out of business, so I’ve been bouncing through several places because I Read More

Kylie S.

Advice: Go in and Meet with UHD!

“I am a ex club member who has thinning hair over my whole head. I was a client with this nationally known company for 5 years who led me to believe they were the only company in existence that provided Read More

Susan T.

You’re a Life Saver

I never realized how important hair was until I started losing it. I was always confident and secure about myself. I was one of the men that would say, if you start to lose your hair, then just shave it! Read More

Robert A.

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