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How to Get Long, Beautiful Hair with Extensions

Have you ever thought about just how important the hair on your head is? A bad hair day can completely affect your demeanor all day long, while a good hair day gives you that extra push of confidence to rock what you’ve got proudly. As always, long, healthy hair is desired by women all over the world, but growing your hair out, while properly caring for it, can take whole years. It doesn’t help that hair grows at different rates for everyone.

However, there’s no need to wait years for long hair. Hair extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the past, hair extensions were mainly made from synthetic fibers that looked and felt fake, but these days, hair extensions can be made from real, healthy human hair that blends into your own to create long, luscious locks.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics here in San Diego offers hair extension services to add length and fullness, giving you the advantage of countless good hair days.

Hair Fibers

When considering hair extensions, one of the first things you’ll want to think about is the type of fiber used in the extensions.

Synthetic fibers, like Kanekalon and Toyokalon, differ from brand to brand, but tend to be a bit cheaper than alternatives. Although synthetic hair comes in a wide range of colors and textures, it is also more sensitive to heat and is thus harder to style and even wash with hot water.

Human hair is an alternative that can be treated like normal hair—heat styling, coloring, and all. Ultimate Hair Dynamics San Diego uses high-quality hair from Europe and Russia, as these are two of the best areas to find top quality donated hair.

Levels of Hair Extension Quality

Quality tends to supersede all other factors. Hair extensions have three levels of quality.

  • Virgin hair: As you might guess by the name, virgin hair is not processed in any way. There have been no coloring or texture treatments. Virgin hair is collected by tying off the hair on the donor’s head, thus maintaining direction of roots and tips, before being cut.
  • Remy: This is the high-quality hair UHD makes use of. These extensions consist of human hair wherein the strands are organized correctly (i.e. with the roots in one direction and the tips at the other). This prevents tangling and ensures proper shine.
  • Non-remy: The roots and tips are all mixed up, making tangling a problem as all the opposing cuticles tend to catch on each other. However, non-remy hair is still the most common and the most inexpensive.

Integrating Hair Extensions

Methods of integrating the hair extensions vary and have changed greatly over the years.

The “track and sew” method is one of the most common and long-lasting. This method involves sewing the wefts of hair into “tracks,” usually cornrows or braids, using a blunt-ended needle. The thread used in this sewing often depends on the hair color (dark thread for dark hair, etc.). This enables a secure feel and natural look.

Clip-in hair extensions have become popular recently. In this method, the weft is attached to a small clip or a row of clips. These clips are then attached in layers under your natural hair. The clips remain invisible, while the extensions blend into your hair. Unlike the traditional “track and sew” method, clip-in extensions take only minutes to apply properly. Even better, they can be removed if necessary or can be saved for special occasions.

Caring for Your Extensions

Here are a few tips for hair extension care:

  • Brush your hair often (but not too often) to remove any tangles, starting at the ends and working your way up.
  • When shampooing, wet your hair with warm water and lightly lather your hair up. Rinse with cool to warm water. For synthetic hair, you may want to consider using a mild shampoo or even a wig shampoo.
  • A light conditioner will reduce tangling. Use one designed for dry, damaged hair.

In most cases, you can treat extensions the way you would normal hair, albeit a little gentler. CALL FOR A FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION (619) 298-1111